Pinkerton Ballet Theatre
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About Pinkerton Ballet Theatre
Pinkerton Ballet Theatre is a non-profit dance company organized under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

We strive to promote the art of dance and sense of community by providing opportunities for the community’s youth to participate in performances alongside professional dancers. Pinkerton Ballet Theatre has also participated in outreach programs to encourage dance among youth that have not had exposure to dance instruction and strive to bring the art of dance to the rural areas of Nevada. We do it for the passion and love of dance and the lifelong friendships is brings.
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Board of Directors
President: Molly Walt
Treasurer: Hilary Anthony
Secretary: Ayako Britt
Director: Natalie Berger
Director: Erica Chipp-Adams
Director: Oliver Adams
Artistic Director: Ayako Britt
Artistic Director: Natalie Berger
Choreographer: Erica Chipp-Adams
Choreographer: Oliver Adams